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THE best teacher teach from heart not from books just like you sir" Dear SUSHANT SIR."To show how you have changed my entire life's view I want to say that when l grow up , I want to be just like you sir" We all thank to God for giving us a teacher like you .Thank you sir.

Teacher plays a very great role in any student's life. My physics teacher was SUSHANT SIR.He is one of my favourite teacher. His way of teaching is completely different. He teaches in a unique way. I never felt bore in his lecture. I got 95 marks in my board exam and the complete credit of it goes to sushant sir. Last but not least thank you sir for being my teacher. I am very lucky to have a teacher like u

Teacher held a very special role in life of a student. My Physics teacher SUSHANT SIR played a great role in making my career. By his efforts . I got 95 marks in my physics board exam. He is not just a teacher but just like a good friend and he always motivate to do best is life. I was very lucky to got such a talented teacher in my school life
I am Yashavee. I got 100 marks in Maths CBSE Board Exam 2019. I was not that much good in mathematics upto 9th class. So in 10th class I did extrahardwork by guidance of RAKESH SIR. My parents provided me constant support to do hardwork.I am highly thankful to my parents, teachers,maternal uncle and my friends also. Rakesh sir always used to tell that only 100 marks have 3 digit rest are having 2 digit. So I focus on that 3 digit. His teaching style by illustrations was excellent. So I am highly thankful to Rakesh Sir.
I am Srishti. I got 96 marks in maths in CBSE Board exam 2019. It all due to efforts of my mathematics sir, Mr. RAKESH SIR. I never got such marks in maths before 10th class. I was not so much good in maths before 10th class. In 10th class I always afraid for my subject maths. But sir arise my confident. He always used to say that do less work but this work must be good. Then I started to solve enough questions. Rakesh sir give us assignment of every chapter and I always solve the assignment given by Rakesh Sir. I am really very thankful to sir.
I, Ritika, studied Maths from RAKESH SIR.As per my experience he is the best mathematics teacher I have come across. The best thing about him is that he can relate himself of the student’s place and thus keeps us better then many. I am privileged and at the same time blessed to have him as my teacher.
I, Mohit studied maths from rakesh sir. The topics described by RAKESH SIR goes to every student present in the class. Rakesh sir also motivate us . As a result i got 100 marks.
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