NEET 2020 Physics Crash Course Online- Score 140+ in NEET 2020 cover

NEET 2020 Physics Crash Course Online- Score 140+ in NEET 2020

1 . Modern physics

2.Thermal physics, Thermal expansion, Calorimety , Heat transfer, KTG & thermodynamics

3. Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism

4. Current Electricity

5. Semiconductor and  Digital electronics

6. Ray optics

7. Gravitation

8. Kinematics

9. Electrostatic (Including Capacitors)

10. Properties of matter and fluid Mechanics

11. Laws of motion and Friction

12. Electromagnetic Indnction

13. Alternating current

14.  Wave Optics

15. Work Energy & Power

16. Circular Motion

17.  Unit, Dimensions & Measurements

18.  EM Waves

19. Basic Mathematics & Vectors

Instructor: Sushant Yadav

Language: English

Valid Till: 2020-08-01

Dear Student,

First, I congratulate you that you are passionate about your goal that’s why  you are here...

“Once you realise The Physics, You can learn The Physics  And then you will definitely Love The Physics.” 

My motto is to make you realise  The Physics. I have been doing it from past 8 Years. During this time I have developed various tricks to solve numericals and developed various examples to understand the concepts in very simple way. My many students proved the understanding and realisation of Physics by getting good ranks in various competitive exams like IIT, AIIMS, NEET etc.

From my experience I found that there are certain things which will make Physics very easy for you .

  • Right way of learning
  • Your Pshychology
  • Your commitment to practice the application of concepts.

This course is specially designed  to meet all the requirments for NEET in very short and sweet method.

 In the end my Dear students, If you have  strong commitement to achieve your goal than I will be very happy to see you in this course.

                Let’s Start the journey together!!

               All the very Best !!


Sushant Yadav

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